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In 1962, Morgan Robinson, Jr. (aka Bobby Robinson aka Bobby Robinson, Jr.) founded the Enjoy Records imprint. Enjoy Records was a record label owned and operated by Bobby Robinson, Jr. from 1962 through the mid-1980s, and was run out of his father's record shop at 125th Street. From this record shop base, Bobby Robinson, Jr(aka Bobby Robinson) built his music empire, which included production work and record labels.

In 1962, Bobby Robinson, Jr. founded the Enjoy Records imprint in New York City. A Harlem label had been home to saxophone legend King Curtis, and in 1979 it put out its first hip hop record, "Rappin' and Rockin' in the House" by The Funky Four (Plus One More). Released many early classic 12"s of the hip hop genre. The label released many successful R&B records in the 1960s and became known for its 70s/80s hip hop releases. 

 Bobby Robinson, Jr. (aka Bobby Robinson) ran Enjoy Records out of his father,  


Bobby Robinson, Sr. (aka Bobby Robinson) record shop in Harlem at 125th Street

Bobby Robinson, Sr. died on January 7, 2011 at the age of 93.

Hip Hop 12":

Like Sugarhill Records, Enjoy Records was instrumental in bringing the burgeoning rap genre out of the underground and into the mainstream. Sugarhill received more attention when people talk about the early days of rap, however, Enjoy released some of the most landmark recordings of the time, especially 12"s. Just a few of the Enjoy Records 12" catalog includes:

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