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What is Management Consulting?

"Management Consulting is an advisory service contracted for and provided to organizations by specially trained and qualified persons who assist, in an objective and independent manner, the client organization to identify management problems, analyze such problems, recommend solutions to these problems, and help, when requested, in the implementation of solutions." Consulting to management by Larry E Greiner and Robert O Metzger, Prentice Hall 1983

Expertise, Wealth of Resources, More Efficient Meetings & Results

MorganCity is an expert with experience in all phases of entertainment. We are seasoned business professionals andhave over 50 years of music and movie production, planning, development, quality, risk and management. MorganCity's Morgan "Bobby" Robinson, Jr., has a proven track record of completing difficult projects on schedule within budget.  Robinson's knowledge is well honed by the variety experiences of working with movie directors and producers, record and distribution companies and concert promoters as a business consultant. Peers and clients consider Morgan Robinson, Jr. to have expert knowledge in the Entertainment Industry. 

Plant seeds for a secure future

A project requires business-wide participation and usually involves doing something a client has never done before. All projects have specific time, cost, and performance requirements. Business requirements are very important. A description of your expected results and scope of your project is derived directly from your business needs and stated in a contract or an agreement. During requirements determination, information is collected about your business current state. MorganCity then structures the information into a strategic action plan.

Risk identification process is limited by lack of knowledge

Strategy is formed by external and internal considerations. The major external factors are societal, political, regulatory, and community factors, competitive conditions and overall industry attractiveness, and a firm’s market opportunities and threats. The primary internal factors are company strengths, weaknesses, and competitive capabilities; managers' personal ambitions, philosophies, and ethics; and the company's culture and shared values. strategy must be in line with all these factors. An excellent strategy can lead to sustainable competitive advantage. The effectiveness of risk identification process is severely limited by lack of knowledge of many businesses.

Successful Projects within Time and Budget

MorganCity has special knowledge and skills in business management consulting. We provide expertise to our clients for a nominal fee. We help your business find and implement solutions to a variety of problems, including those related to business startup, marketing, distribution, strategy, organization structure, music and film productions. When your company needs specialized expertise, talents, or skills that do not exist internally, you may want to consider retaining a consultant with a proven track record. Once a project has been identified, its size, scope, resource requirements, and probability for successful completion are determined. MorganCity will juggle a variety of tasks and activities to manage your project and bring it to a successful completion on time and within budget.

We provide expertise to our clients for a nominal fee.

MorganCity utilize a planning process to define what will and will not be done, to better understand project goals and objectives. We take a unique approach to advising clients on the right strategies and develop a sound plan. During requirements determination, information is collected about your business current state. GAC then structures the information into a strategic action plan. Stay on top of workloads and people problems.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Our company’s codes of ethics provide a stage for harmonized activities and build trust within our firm. We provide quality services and innovative solutions. Embrace diversity with a code of ethics and responsibility to our stakeholders.

Morgan Robinson, Jr. is listed as the 25th Best Entertainment Consultant in the World by the American Management Association (AMA).

Schedule a Meeting

We have experienced staff that works “behind the scenes” to provide a perfect time line for your project, take your requests, and make themselves available by phone to answer questions. Contact us to discuss project’s needs. Provide us with your project and budget information. We will be happy to give you an estimate, a quote or arrange a meeting.